I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Diplomacy and International Relations at Seton Hall University. I study civil war, self-determination, military intervention, and diplomacy by self-determination groups, as well as research design and North African politics. I am currently writing a book about conventional diplomacy by separatist and self-determination movements, based on an original dataset I am collecting on diplomatic efforts by these aspiring states. I have been published in the Journal of Experimental Political Science, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, and The Wall Street Journal.

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on IR research methods, international security, civil war and intervention, terrorism, and Middle Eastern and North African politics.

I encourage first-generation college students to contact me if you have questions about choosing or applying to graduate school or pursuing academic careers, even if we never met before. I’ve been there, and I know how confusing academia looks from the outside. Reach out if you need help.



Forthcoming. Continuous Recognition: A Latent Variable Approach to Measuring International Sovereignty of Self-Determination Movements, Journal of Peace Research

2019. Think Ahead: Cost Discounting and External Validity in Foreign Policy Survey Experiments, Journal of Experimental Political Science

Working Papers

Foulweather Friends: Violence and Third-Party Support in Self-Determination Conflicts (under review)

Led On: The United States’ On-again, Off-again Stance on MINURSO (book chapter; with Edder Zarate)

Shoestring Diplomacy: Aspiring States and International Lobbying for Self-Determination (under review)

Identifying Reputational Concerns in Audience Cost Experiments (with Nicholas Weller)

Unpacking the Unstated: The Effect of Informational Inequivalence on Treatment Effect Heterogeneity (with Nicholas Weller)

Curbing the Commons: Aid Diversion, Service Provision, and Political Legitimacy in Civil War (with David Wood and Mohamed Shedeed)

Capital v. Conflict: Market Movers in Yemen’s War Economy (with David Wood and Mohamed Shedeed)

Are We Marketing Rebellion? (with Reyko Huang)

Handbook of Research Methods in International Relations, Edited with Thomas Jamieson and Patrick James, Under contract for Edward Elgar Publishing, Expected publication date is Summer 2021

Policy and Popular Audience

2020. Promoting Peace in Yemen through the Economy: A Survey of Local Economic Potential, EU and GIZ policy report

2019. Territorial Disputes: Western Sahara, Invited contribution for Pacific Council Teleconference Series

2019. Let the People of Western Sahara Have a Say, The Wall Street Journal

2019. Can John Bolton Thaw Western Sahara’s Long-Frozen Conflict?, Foreign Policy

2019. In War Torn Western Sahara, These Old Cars Are The King And Queen, Jalopnik

2017. The Roots of the Catalan Independence Crisis: And What Madrid’s Next Steps Should Be, Foreign Affairs

2017. How Madrid Should Address the Catalonia Crisis: Negotiation With the Regional Government Is Key, Foreign Affairs

2017. Spain’s Flawed Response to the Catalonian Referendum: How Its Overreaction Legitimized the Call for Independence, Foreign Affairs



Investigating International Relations (Undergraduate)
International Conflict and Security (UG)
Research Methods – Policy Analysis (G)
Politics of Terror in the Middle East (UG & G)
Causes of War (G)
Civil Wars and Intervention (G, in Development)
Math for Social Science Statistics (Workshop)


Director, Middle-East specialization for Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations
Founder and Director, Seton Hall Diplomacy Research Lab (DiploLab)


My CV can be downloaded here.